Kinds of photoshoot I do:


I was trained to be a performer since I was very young and acting is second nature to me: I can change characters at will and express different emotions from frame to frame.

You name it,  can do it.


Among other things my mother was a couturier and she passed this passion down to me: I sew my own clothes and made my own costumes for performance.

I understand what fashion is about and what each piece must express.

Besides, anybody can look good at 18 but which costumer wants to be compared with that? The times are a-changing.


I’ve done Middle Eastern dance for a long time: the maximum expression of innuendo in movement.

Sensuality is about how you feel and getting it across, moment after moment.

Come out and play.


I have experience, I have life and most of all: I’m raw.

Watch me change under your eyes, summoning hidden worlds and…

Quick! Capture them in your lens before they vanish!